Wednesday, May 23, 2012


One afternoon my daughter came home with a nice drawing. She was proudly relating her good day in school with a wide smile. In the end of the conversation she said, " Mama i draw this for you "
wow! we were so impressed. Is't really her the one who drew it hmm...just a little bit on doubt
at home she usually draw forms then sticking sticker on it after. One of the activity she learned in school these days.
She can draw fish, heart and house now on her black board. Oh i forgot she can even draw cat ( little mia ) so cute :) to support her in line of drawing hubby bought over the internet a graphic tablet which we can connect into her laptop. I do not know much about this little thing, Claudebiko thinks that it is more easy for Bibingclara to draw on a computer using a pen instead of a mouse. Yes, i agreed he has a reason.
it works well but Bibingclara only use it for quite sometime 
her papa offered her another tablet
She has a new ipad and that's more of a tablet. She can not only draw but do many things using her little fingers. Our daughter always so thrill and excited to discover new interesting ipad applications that her papa uploads regularly :) A must for little ones. 


Cielo said...

galing! Rania has been learnign a lot of things too with her Samsung Galaxy Tab. Iba na taga nowadays no? high tech an sila dati papel at lapis lang heehe

Maruhya said...

naku sinabi mo pa iba na mga bata ngayon marami silang natutunan gawa ng pagka high tech :)