Friday, May 25, 2012

Chicken stroganoff

A chicken recipe to share and enjoy. I first try chicken stroganoff in London and it was so yummy!!!
2 pcs chicken fillet ( cut into stripes )
1 box button mushroom ( chopped )
1tbsp mustard ( light )
3 cloves garlic ( mince )
1 head onion ( chopped )
cooking oil
1tsp tomato paste
20cl fresh cream
pinch of paprika
salt and pepper
half cup of water
10 pcs cornichon ( pickle gerkin / pickling cucumbers ) cut into two
1 pack of fresh pasta ( any shape or pappardelle ) - cook according to package instructions.
1. Heat the pan or wok add oil, saute garlic and onion and chicken
2. Add mushroom and paprika let cook for 2 minutes
3. Add tomato paste, cream and mustard and pour in the water
4. Mix the cornichon, salt and pepper to taste let cook for another 5 minutes
5. Serve with cooked pasta
6. Or rice for the left-over next day
Stroganoff is a Russian dish so far i enjoy it with chicken. Next time will try beef. Enjoy!


Cielo said...

will try this.looks yummy! fave ni hubby ito but beef. So, you added tomato paste kaya bit reddish sya.

Maruhya said...

exactly! yung tomato paste nga ang nakapag-pa red yan nga yung una kong tinanong sa recipe bat ganun yung kulay :)