Saturday, May 19, 2012

Urangutang's Bday

We went to a birthday dinner last saturday. At first, i thought of making monkey cupcakes for her, ( as she's urangutang as screen name on internet ) but i changed my mind because i was on a rush instead i made a simply but delicious cake that everybody loved. The birthday celebrant also is the one who has the smallest size in the group hehehe i mean ang pinaka-payat that's why when i saw a small bracelet ( na alam ko sa kanya lang kakasya ) i bought it and paired with a nice pair of feather earrings bought from Naf-Naf. I forgot to mention, she is still single kaya naman very hot red ang aking piniling color. Good luck for the lovelife :)
the gift
my assistant when making cake for her tata ninang
got the recipe from kitchen confidante - rhubarb cake
ready to oven
done! came out from the oven
pancit malabon ( the main handa )
the bday girl
As usual, mega kain. Nakaraos ang "debut" daw :). More birthday's to come to my kumare and most specially good health and ehem!!!

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