Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Talong, tocino and bagoong isda

It has been a long time since i talked about food in my kitchen. One afternoon, i have had my solo lunch and the menu was tocino , kanin ( rice ) and fried talong ( eggplant ou Aubergine ) with matching "sawsawan"-dipping sauce.
my afternoon meal
To be feel more homey since i was alone, i eaten my meal using my hands. Yes! i did it which i normally not do when i am dining with my daughter and husband ( except when eating fish ) sometimes hubby like seeing me how i neatly eat my fish ( walang patawad tinik lang talaga ang natira ). I marinated tocino using mama sita's and fried talong in a little oil. Good thing, i still have an access to buy filipino products in our area. That's why, i can always have a bottle of suka and bagoong isda. Yum!

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