Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mia is better

An update of our chatonnette "Mia". She is getting better and better :) We are happy seeing her back again with her kakulitan. She also play normally now with Bibingclara ( kalmutan at habulan ). As you can see, mia feel relax in her new tent that i bought for her ( also in vide-grenier ). Bahay-bahayan nya yan as mia likes na magsumiksik kung saan-saan :)
foldable cat carrier bag - was 2 euros then i bargain to get it for 1 euro ( kuripot )
l'herbe à chat - catnip normally selling 3 euros in the flower shop
We are still waiting for the protection screen ( to install on our balcony ) we ordered from the internet.We should install it soon as possible to protect Mia from falling. For the moment, Mia's not allowed to go out play with the plants. She must contented of playing her herbs for the meantime in waiting. Actually, Claudebiko got the catnip for FREE. He was actually looking for the cheapest one ( let say under 3 euros ) the florist said, they will gonna have "catnip for 1 euro" next day but the delivery didn't arrived on time. So when hubby came back they offerred it for free. Our wallet must continue stretching till the month of Mia's vaccination which will gonna be this coming summer i think in june. All the money we spent since our cat accident ( veterinarian fees, emergency operation, protection screen, accessories, foods etc.. etc.. ). Well, that's life! we must take good care well enough our lovey dovey Mia. I must have to help hubby to earn money instead of spending hehehe nowadays, we must really have to watch our budget. Tumanggap kaya ako ng labada? ngek :)


Cielo said...

good thing ok na si Mia :-)

Maruhya said...

in good shape na sya ulet naku makulit na ulet parang dalawa anak ko hehehe