Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Good finds : Accessories at garage sale

Each time i go to "vide-grenier" - means "empty-attic" or garage sale, i used to find good buys. I'm always eyeing for accessories. I cannot count how many pairs of earring i already have, but still i can't help but buying each time i see new one. That's my craziness :)
mostly earring from Ikita got them all for reasonable price ( they're all brand new )
i bought the necklace ( with the same design ) to a different seller - she told me that if i came earlier maybe i also got the bracelet but it was too late coz somebody got it already
makahoy ( second hand )
mabutones ( second hand )
Happy with the accessories i have got without exceeding my budget and that's what the vide-grenier calls for  :)


Cielo said...

dami nyan ah? I heart the angel earrings and necklace :-)

Maruhya said...

oo nga nagkamali pa nga ng bilang yung tindera na pinagbilhan ko ng mga hikaw para tuloy libre yung bracelet. masarap na mag suot ng abubot ngayon kasi lapit na summer di na nakatago pag laging naka coat :)re : i heart the angels ang cute noh? sayang na missed ko yung partner na bracelet