Saturday, May 12, 2012

My friend's bday celebration

We went to my friend's bday celebration last month yep last April. Time fly so fast! now we're in May. And tonight, ( ce soir ) we also had another birthday celebration to attend. Kaloka! month of May has the more days of holidays. In french calendar starting from Labor Day, World War II Victory Day, Ascension Day, Whit Sunday and Whit Monday ( religious holidays ). Samahan pa ng mother's day ( celebration in some other countries ). Here mother's day will be in June. So malapit na rin. Holiday means celebration and celebration means food hehehe so Here's the food :)
 here's what we had as pika-pika : beef carpaccio, pickles, chips at me cornick pa
 lemon tart i baked na naasiman ang lahat hehehe ( first attempt ) di pa luto yan isasalang palang sa oven
 i brought some maliit na biscuits as well
ang fresh fruit salad sa bahay ng birthday celebrant
True, everytime we have a celebration laging bumabaha ng sweets. So many choices when it comes to desserts. The last time if i am not mistaken, we had leche flan, 2 kinds of rice cakes, choco-banana cake, brazo des mercedes. In our group, "bawal ang diet" hehehe. For tonight, i will bring rhubarb cake which baked by yours truly :)

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