Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mia is in veterinary clinic

Another date to remember, last night our cat Mia fell down from our building for the second time. The first accident was happened 2-year ago, the night before hubby's bday. Mia only 6 months old that time. I felt quite guilty because it was me who opened the window for her to go exit ( little access in the kitchen going to the balcony ) as mia's disturbing me while i was prepping food for dinner for our guests, the person who'll actually gonna look after her during our absence for some days. We are in the middle of serving our main course when the incident happens. Claudebiko and i were both in the kitchen when somebody ring our door ( our kind lady neighbor from1st floor ) informing us that our cat fell down. The neighbor tell Claudebiko what she had witnessed during the fall. Our meal interrupted, we get all shocked.
photo december 2011 after x-mas party : Mia resting
Claudebiko picked our poor Mia on the ground, with the mouth bleeding. All emotion. Everybody sad :(. Mia has no other injury as we observe except on the mouth which continously bleeding. The emergency veterinarian arrived immediately and gave mia an injection. The veterinarian from last night said, that mia's jaw has dislocate and if it surely diagnose from the x-ray maybe an operation will be needed. We already thinking of cancelling our trip to London if Mia has a big fracture seriously. Good thing because we got a good news a little later from our own veterinarian telling us that our Mia is doing good. They did the job of joining mia's fracture on the mouth. And in fact, mia can come back home tonight. Lucky cat! I hope that there will be no more chat parachutiste happens. Hopefully, never anymore for our Mia.


Cielo said...

Get well soon Mia!

Maruhya said...

thanks Cielo! Mia is getting better :)