Thursday, May 3, 2012

We're home

Back to normal routine after some days of vacation in London. It was just only a day after we got home i successfully unpacked our "valise" feeling ko kinabukasan because of "Labor day" ayaw ko kumilos in short tinatamad hehehe. It was really so cute to see Mia, our cat na nagsusumiksik sa aming suitcase while i'm unpacking it. Gusto nya atang mag-travel after ng trahedyang nangyari sa kanya. We missed so much Mia while we're out of the country ganun pala yung feeling although we knows naman na she's good in a veterinary clinic but still we're still wondering kung nag poo-poo ( excuse me ) na sya or if she really in a better condition na. Buti nalang and thanks to the ex-compagnon of Claudebiko who takes incharge to look after Mia after staying 4 days in a veterinary. Minding everything from giving food and medics to the pusang pasyente to giving us an update through phonecall. Bless her :) 
 we must actually hold Mia gently kasi kaka-opera lang nya
 it really shows that Mia also missed us she looked so happy seeing us lalo na si Bibingclara
Ang laman ng suitcase, Dyaraaannnn!!! mga munting pasalubong ( lahat pampataba hehehe ) sa mga friends. Tsaa, jam, chocolates, candies and more...
 because of the near olympic, you can find lots of flag theme items
Cadbury chocolates in every form. I find those everywhere. Jelly beans, candies and without missing a bottle of peanut butter of course :)
Light weight nung umalis at pagbalik heavy weight na hehehe actually i also shopped some clothes for Bibingclara ( ang dameng choices nakakaloka lalo na sa mga kiddos ). Another thing, i observed na even in the clothing store they're selling candies. If i am not mistaken, i saw sweet corner inside Topshop and they even had a little booth selling cupcakes. Maybe selling for tourist? ummm maybe.


Cielo said...

sarap! hintay namin ang London travelogue mo :-) good thing nung nagpunta kami ng London years back di umuulan.

Maruhya said...

yeah london postings coming up di makapag post super busy less ang time. will update soon and more photos to come :)