Friday, April 13, 2012

DIY : Pillow case

Why trashing old things if we can still give another life? as much as possible i do recycling. Mission : i-transfer ang laman ng unan sa malinis at bagong tahing pillow cases. Yep! i made pillow cases from unused fabric :)
dyaran! mission accomplished! the first pillow i produced which i am recently using
i do still have 3 empty pillow cases
a biggie pillow ( pillow casse retouched 6 years ago using unused quilt cover )
I kept the 3 empty pillow cases, i have no more "bulak" to fabric for the rest. We do still have 1 biggie pillow to reform but i preferred not to touch it as i discovered that it was all feather inside. Naku, makalat!  and ma-trabaho :)

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