Friday, April 13, 2012

Bloody orange drink

I chatted to my youngest sister the other day, she told me that it is so very hot! hot! hot! in the Philippines. What to expect? it's summer time! i told her to eat halo-halo ( mix-mix ) - a popular dessert drink in the Philippines but she answered me back " ate, wala akong pambili ng halo-halo" hehehe i replied " eh di magpaypay ka nalang hahaha ". Summer is the best time to have an excursion like going to the beach or in a pool. I know, my family does it often in the Philippines but here we must wait our summer time in june. My poor little sister has no money for halo-halo. If she would only here, i would offer her a glass of bloody orange drink to freshen her up :)
a glass of bloody orange drink i prepared for ME after the chat. So bubbly!
i added half glass of Schweppes indian tonic + juice from 2 bloody oranges
This was actually my first time using bloody oranges in a drink ( i almost forgot i have bloody oranges inside the fridge ). My bloody orange drink has no sugar i haven't put any :). I like the bitter taste comes from the schweppes i added. I googled about the ingredients of indian tonic and discover the Cinchona See, this drink is really for my younger sister, her name is CHONA hehehe well, i would put some ice cubes if she likes :)

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