Friday, March 30, 2012

Wednesday - Josephine Baker pool

Mom-daughter bonding day, Wednesday!. We went to the pool wednesday afternoon, after we had finish our baking bonding moments. No afternoon siesta for my unica hija exceptionally that day. She was really tired after staying 2 hours playing in the paddling pool. Our first time was with Théo and his mother. Josephine Baker pool is situated in 13th arrondissment left bank of Seine . Just 10-15minutes walk from home. Entrance fee is cheap, 3 euros for adult and 1,70 euros for kids there's also a special tariff-reduction for members, retired, unemployed, handicaps and free for cardholder state employee like Claudebiko :)
photo taken along Seine in front of Josephine baker pool ( first time with théo and mom )
in the changing room ( honestly i don't swim so we just only stayed at paddling pool )
in the locker room where we get her psit psit laruan during the last minute of playtime at the pool
We were so lucky because there were not lots of people, not so crowded. We will definitely come back next time again on ordinary days maybe again with Théo and his mom but we must really have to set our schedules or maybe with Claudebiko next time. Swimming is good for his back anyway and fun for us to just play around :)

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