Friday, March 30, 2012

Bibingclara's treasure

Yes, i am cleaning and clearing up everything except, hmm except with these little treasures. I went to my daughter's room, i discovered her treasures "CANDIES". I found them in all forms in a little bowls sitting inside her dependable microwave oven ( munting kusina ). I know, i must not touch them because it will gonna be a war hehehe :)
assorted gummy candies. in the other bowl saw some peanut butter chocolate coated m&m's
some french coins chocolates with a strict rule, one coin per day and begin with the smallest one
Every wednesday and on week-ends, during our coffee break Bibingclara will gonna ask pieces of candies to her papa but only one or two she would just be eating, she's saving the rest in her little treasure ( Claudebiko observed that ) same as with chocolates. Obviously, she's not cheating of hiding eating candies without our knowledge. She is saving wisely little by little ( in times of krisis when i'll be stopping buying from the supermarket ) Imagine ang dame ba naman. Naku anak, sana lang wag itong langgamin. If it is a real coin or money she would be saving, siguro pede ko na sya utangan :)

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