Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cheese for kids

J'adore les cheeses! We've been so very lucky that we are in a country where there are lots of cheese. I used to purchase varieties of cheese everytime i went to the grocery. Strong taste cheeses for Claudebiko ( like Roquefort ), goat and creamy cheeses for me and for our kid, pambata cheese :)
la vache qui rit -"the laughing cow", Babybel and Ficello now with new ficello spaghetti shaped cheese :)
Aside from those cheeses on the photo, my kid also love Camembert and Kiri. My daughter milk intake is just only in the morning during her breakfast so by eating cheese is a another way source of calcium to have strong bones and teeth which is very good for the children. I must confess that sometimes i steal some of daughter's cheese in the fridge hehehe cheesylicious!

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Cielo said...

Si Rania mahilig din sa cheese. favorite nya ang kiri :-) Sarap nga dyan sa Europe lahat ng klase ng cheese meron. Ako gusto ko Emmental tsaka yung may bell pepper :-)