Friday, March 30, 2012

Heart cookies

Heart-shaped cookies when we had our goûter-miryenda ( another late post of february ) at théophile's place ( Bibingclara's best boy friend in school ). His mom's baked these yummy cookies. We shared those cookies while chatting ( we also got take home ). Bibingclara and Theophile has the same of-a-kind character "active, emotive and intelligent" there are times, they're fighting for some little things but they can actually make things up easily para bang aso at pusa. In reality, they love each other. They love to play together :)
sugared heart-shaped cookies yum!
Last tuesday, as hubby relates to me, Bibingclara and Théophile had a rendez-vous ( after school ) at the park to play sands. Bibingclara insisted her father to passed by the park but when hubby and daughter arrived, they had never seen théophile. Ohh my daughter face expression " so sad " maybe Bibingclara misunderstood or maybe théophile leave the park earlier ? :(. I guess, i must set a miryenda invitation for them one of these days. I know my Bibingclara will be happy yipee :)

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