Friday, March 30, 2012

Family day at La Villette

I have still two pending entries of our visit in Cité des Sciences. Because of the lack of time, i always forget to work on it. Last saturday, we went to the city of sciences and we also dropped by at the park of La Villette. It was sunny! The bad thing happened was, my daughter got a fever after our visit. After our lunch at Quick, hubby looked for a near pharmacy to get paracetamol for our daughter ....
Cool because childrens can compose their names by playing letters in Cité des enfants ( 2-7 years old play corner )
know their appropriate sizes
the best of all water play!!!
construction play - they're just few childrens working
before going home, we've got the chance to visit the "submarine" 
some photo shots ....
got some prints right away but in black and white ( we could also see colored ones from city of sciences website ) nice as souvenir of our visit :)
I was at play too! by clicking the button. Camera back and front and Focus ( hahaha )
We got home straight after coz my daughter need to see a doctor. Bibingclara had tonsilitis as the doctor diagnosed ( that's why she had raised temperature ). The doctor prescribed antibiotic which actually end up the last taking tonight. No more cookies, no more chocolates, no more candies and no more sweets for the meantime :(. 

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