Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Miryenda- Chocolate cake

My fist post for the month of love, "chocolate cake". As my usual baking activity with my daughter, one afternoon we baked chocolate cake for our miryenda and we shared it with Bibingclara's favorite playmate theophile together with his mother. I am not good in baking chocolate cake ( di ko master ) so to make things not to complicated, buying a box of chocolate cake mix in the supermarket is easier than to experiment my own. As it shows on the photo, our cake mixture overflowed, i didn't pay so much attention with the size of the baking pan we used. So when its done, that was the result :)
fondant chocolate cake na di kaakit-akit hehehe
Because it's ready cake mix, we just followed the instruction on the package. And here what my assistant did on baking :)
crack three medium size eggs
pouring liquid cream
mix together then pour in the chocolate mixture on the baking pan
powder with icing sugar then bake :)
voilà le gateau au chocolat ( i inverted it and we used the remaing icing sugar when we served it )
Théo and Bibingclara while watching their favorite film Babar
we had snickerdoodles as well that i also made with my daughter ( recipe from skinnytaste )
We had these yummy sweets with a cup of tea. It was a nice talk and afternoon break :)


Cielo said...

it looks yummy..for sure masarap din ang lasa ;-) kami ng daughter ko baking din ang isa sa bonding time namin. pretty ng daughter mo

Maruhya said...

ganun ba? you too you have pretty daughter iba talaga pag nalahian hehehe. masarap kaya nga eto lalo akong tumataba buti nalang ang anak ko hindi me control sya sa pagkain ng mga cakes :)