Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cupcakes-raspberry or blackberry

It has been a long time since i made cupcakes. I already forgot the recipe of my first attempt on it. I am so excited to make cupcakes again and learn more of frosting. I think, i must have to make cupcakes once again, so i can use my new cupcake tray that i bought a month ago :)
Raspberry cupcake ingredients. It has actually white chocolate chips with but not included in the photo
fresh cream, eggs, flour, milk, white sugar, butter and raspberry
I must wait when raspberry and blackberry are abundant. A basket or a box of 250g is quite expensive if they're not in season. A piece of blackberry on my hand. We picked them along the street while having a walk in Brittany. We have got some for free. My daughter liked it!
The red ones are not good because they aren't ripe yet. At first, i thought it's raspberry! but nope  
here's raspberry plant growing ...on the balcony but not on our balcony, on someone's balcony
 i tasted one! hmmm
I am meaning of making raspberry cupcakes and blackberry for the tarts on summer. hmmm... ang tagal pa hehe can't wait :)

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