Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heart-shaped biko ( a valentine treat )

Practice makes perfect ika nga! I already made this yummy dessert many times with a different way and portion but man, each time i make it, it's always a hit! My biko always turned out good. Yesterday, as a valentine treat, i made Biko- (sticky rice cake) and here's the recipe madali lang promise :)
 i have 3 packages of rice ( black and white sticky rice and brown rice ) the other 2 packs of rice will be for another rice dessert project :)
I chose white sticky rice in the middle, i took 2 cups of it and cook it in a rice cooker with a cup of water.
 I prepared 2 brick of thai coconut milk ( 500ml) -one brick for latik and 2 cups from another brick that i poured in the sticky rice.
 1/2 cup dark brown cane sugar
when the sticky rice is done in the rice cooker ( they're actually partly cook ) transfer them in a casserole with 2 cups of coconut milk and with the 1/2 cup of sugar. Mixing while it cooks in a medium heat. It's done when the rice is cook mine takes about 30 mins. Adding more coconut milk may require if it's neccessary.
 Here's what i do with another brick of coconut milk. In a small casserole, i simmered until the coconut milk get into curds ( about 30-45 mins ) strain the excess oil.
 i transfered the sticky rice into small ceramic tray ( ready on shaping )
 using a heart formed cookie cutter i shaped three heart'y biko's
sprinkled with latik -(coconut curd ) on top then voilà les bikos :)
You may also put coconut jam on top as a replacement of latik to make it more simply just like what i did on my Biko2. :)


Cielo said...

try ko ito sis pero maghahanap muna ako ng malagkit sa Pinoy store

Maruhya said...

kung me chinese store dyan sis try mo baka meron :)