Monday, January 23, 2012

King's cake part 2

I made another galette for our miryenda. As my daughter's request, she wants another trinket-fève in our galette. I am wishing to have betty boop fève for a next time. I've got no chance of buying it directly in the store but i could purchase thru internet well, maybe betty boop trinket will be for next year? :)
i put 2 trinkets, i included our first trinket from our first galette
same recipe of king cake's i made from marmiton recipe. i forgot to mention last time, make a pierce in the middle to let air pass while cooking. Dont forget to make your own design using the tip of knife :)
freshly bake galette ( this one is bigger, i used our biggest plate to form it )
Voilà la galette! yep galette is still going the whole month of January. Anyway, it was ME who gets the trinket je suis la reine! je suis la reine!- i am the queen! i am the queen! :)

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