Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Japanese doll

Obviously, we get our Kimidolls from the package of almond powder when we make our own galette. We have got 2 mini kimidolls that Bibingclara really love :)
my daughter observed everything she would tell you which one is kayo - the pink one yung nakapikit at eika   - blue with the eyes opened yun daw nakadilat hehehe
KAYO - Beauty
EIKA - Success
I know that my Bibingclara would love to have another one, because she keeps bugging me another japanese poupée. So i offered Tatamiko the kokeshi doll ( but this one is BIG ). Spotted from the display during sale season in the tea shop of course, bought Tatamiko in a sale price. I dont made mistake. She likes Tatamiko really well :)

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