Sunday, January 8, 2012

French King Cake

I posted last year that i'll be making our own king's cake  on the day of Epiphany. I made my simplest but delicious king cake yesterday with the little help of my daughter. You can see them all selling in the boulangerie/bakery during the season. The prices ranges from 3 euros ( good for one ) to 25 euros ( i guess the biggest size ). I know it is easy to buy but it's so fun making our own galette together with my makulit unica hija. She was so really excited and we had fun! fun! fun! talaga :)
Ingredients : 2 rolls of pâte feuilletée ( ready made pastry dough )
                    one egg plus - one egg yolk ( for brushing )
                    50g. butter ( soft )
                    75g. sugar
some drops of bitter almond ( almond amère )
100g. almond powder ( i bought Vahiné mark with free crown and trinket )
I have got the recipe from Marmiton, i had reposted the ingredients here for non-french speaker na tulad nalang ng mga nakakabasa nitong mga filipino :)
my daughter just awake from her daily afternoon nap so excited to start baking
cutey crown and trinket from the almond powder package
just mix all the ingredients in a bowl
lay down the 1 pastry dough
scatter the mixture and put the trinket
i planted it para hindi halata ( sino kaya ang makakakuha nito at magiging princess o reyna o hari hehehe )
take note ang trinket isn't edible so mag-ingat baka malunok hehehe
cover with the second pastry dough ( i shape mine with the size of a normal plate kasi hindi kasya sa oven namen if it's super big.
prepare the brushing part using egg yolks na diluted with little water
isara ang edges ( tiklupin whatever design you may like ) pedeng gumamit ng tinidor
using the tip of knife pede ding mag design or guhit-guhitan
i let Bibingclara to make her final job
brushing it while singing ( she actually had video on it posted on facebook )
oven it at 210°C for 25 minutes
i baked mine for exactly 25 minutes mukhang sunog pero hindi just the brushing talagang golden na golden hahaha
ang excited kumain ng aming galette des rois/french king cake
the slicing part with the help of her papa
inside french king cake ( mainit pa talaga hindi inintay na lumamig )
eating time partneran ng cider
she obviously paying attention baka makain ang trinket
my part :)
the bordage family enjoying galette! 
Actually, walang nakakuha ng trinket so ang continuation ng miryenda ay mamaya dahil me leftover pa kameng kalahati. To know more on how eating french king cake just click here. Next time, i would like to make biggest galette to share with friends :)

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