Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Food trip 3 ( Bretagne )

I am still in our food trip! i am already full by seeing all those photos on my recent post but still would like to share our worst dining experience. I already forgot where it was. What i remember, it was after our quick boating tour with friends. It was already late lunch and we were so hungry. The plan was to eat sushi in a japanese fast food ( i was starving for tuna in real ) but unfortunately it was already closed when we arrived. No other choice, so everybody decided just to eat around :(
the majority ordered ham with fries and with lantang salad on the side
the usual kid's order fries and frankfurt sausage
mine was kebab with fries and lantang salad as well
The meat on my kebab, lasang kinulob at yung laman naku parang bilasa. Sa pagkakaalam ko naubos pa rin namin ang mga inorder mga gutom eh hehehe :)

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