Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sopas at Giniling

While reviewing what i have been cooked for the past halloween parties, i noticed that i also cooked the same dish when we were on vacation last summer. Two dishes like sopas ( chicken soup ) and giniling ( ground pork ). I know that it needs a good broth when cooking sopas ( like what i put in my sopas last night ) but since we were in a vacation i do not really wanted to complicate my whole life in the kitchen. I do the simpliest and easiest sopas that my daughter could have on the table ( she likes any shaped pastas on it ) and i might say recycle giniling? hehehe for my ever dearest hubby :)
 making sopas by using any ingredients i could only find in the house
garlic+onion+carrots+turkey hams+milk+water+pasta+lettuce
                                               dyaran! the yummy sopas
                                               and the giniling, the not so real giniling
In using ( as what i remember ), i just sautéed smoked lardon+eggplant+carrots+eggs+chives and plenty of potatoes teka pede rin itong pang tortang talong ah! ipi-prito nga lang at dagdagan ng talong ahhh whatever na solve ang aming lunch at dinner in a non-complicated way of cooking :)

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