Wednesday, November 2, 2011

All first's

My daughter all first's experiences. First, - 1st day in school - no cry! she was so excited to meet her teacher and classmates.
                                                   in school before getting in the room
2nd - First time to joined the gymnastic-acrobatic - we enrolled her every wednesday as extra curricular activity ( next year we will enroll her to join the theatre )
ready to make tumbling-tumbling ( it was in the changing room while waiting )
3rd- First time to watch guignol in Park Buttes-Chaumont :)
                                                     sitting while waiting the show to start
First time experience is always good ika nga nila. So far, all Bibingclara's first experiences are good and enjoyable. She's always on the go! like in school, she want to go early for not getting late. In the gym, she always had the energy to spend for her tumbling mania and in guignol show, she's always present to watch it. We are back to normal routine since the school holiday is done. Back to guignol-puppet show. Guignol world coming up :)

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