Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Guignol- a very nice puppet show

We always come and see guignol in park montsouris in 14th arrondissement ( just 15-20 mins by bus from our place ) for a change, we tried to watch in another place quite far from home ( 30-45 mins by metro ). Not to mind the transportation because the guignol show really worth both from two different places :)
                   showing her card pass ( last day we watched in park montsouris )
                old program guignol park montsouris-guignol park buttes-chaumont
                                                               new guignol program
                                             enjoying popcorn during break is a plus huh?
       show time! In the end, they make puppet dance that the kids really enjoy
                                            le guignol de paris at park buttes-chaumont
                                              we are going even if its raining hehehe
The last we saw was the magic pumpkin next time, well come back for another good story titled the adventure of fairy carabosse. Nice to bring kids to see it. So when getting sick to be always in the same place/park, try to watch guignol and you will never regret! and yet its affordable 3.50 euros per head oh san ka pa? i suggest to get the card of 10 passes you can save a bit euro, no queues and the card both works in the two theatre tapos when your card get all stamped me libre ka pang popcorn ayos! go guignol :)

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