Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

It was a blast halloween party last night. Everybody enjoyed! As usual thing, we do sing, dance and play games. As we planned to be all in red, almost everybody came with their demoniac look. Some put their own make up but some has none at all. Having wearing a simple but scary mask can do something though :)
                                               must be serious noh but Bibingclara smiling
                                                               it fits her well hehehe
                              the queen of halloween win! she won on our mummy game
                                                the demonyas and kilansay este kalansay
                                                      group picture wacky hoooo
We all thank everybody for their ever presence during halloween party each year! We love you guys! Love the food! fun and humour. For those who didn't make it last night, dont worry there will be another year. 5th Halloween Party chez Famille Bordage! Pumpkin look! we'll see how orange you can get! so see you all next year boooooo :)

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