Sunday, September 11, 2011

Vacation in Brittany

We spent our summer vacation in Brittany (south ) thanks to old time friends of Claudebiko who has a generous heart to accomodate us in their house located in a little village named "Etel" :)
                photo taken along the street spotted right before our arrival
It was a successful vacation inspite of the weather ( rainy sometimes ) i have got able to see around, my first time in Brittany! and since the house is in the center village, I haven't had any dull moments. The beach is near, carrousel, restaurants, boutiques and market every tuesday just a doorstep :)
                                                                    port in etel
We arrived around 5pm after 6hours travelling from Paris ( by car ). We decharged our luggages from the car under the rain but inspite of the grumpy weather, we had managed well our things after. When we finish setting our things and after a quick tour around the house, dinner time!
                                                                  tuna on the grill
It was sunday and it's Fête du thon/Tuna feast so everybody went to the tuna feast near the port to have dinner :)
                                              our plate still waiting for potatoes
For a menu consisting a portion of grilled tuna ( with sauce à la ételloise ), potatoes ( boiled or fries ), a slice of bread and cheese and quatre-quarts aux pommes ( butter cake with apple ) as dessert we payed 13euros. Is it worth the price? well, what i know is i was so hungry that time and i was contented to have grilled tuna on my plate than tuna in can :)

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