Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bye crêche and hello to école maternelle

School year 2011 starts last monday! my little girl now is going in school and on her first day, she was really excited. No problem on waking her up ( a bit earlier then crêche ) she's always on the go and ready to see her teacher and classmates except yesterday that she cried when i left her in the classroom. She wanted that i stay with her :( but all in all everything is doing good so far :)
some of her stuff from the crêche
Bye bye to the crêche where she learned a lot of thing ( will try to post some activities that she did from the crêche ) and hello to école maternelle wherein she will learn more and fullfilled her curiosity. I hope that my daughter will continue her courage being in school and hoping too that she will find lots of good friends :)

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