Friday, September 16, 2011

Good times, good friends

During our vacation, we had so much fun but though i must admit that there were some blues within me. Not to mention or elaborate about it. I know i am ok and im happy to remenisce our good time when we were there. We enjoyed everything from food and nice places we went to. I also experienced seashell hunting for the first time! that was really fun! fun! fun! :)
the happy goers ( our first out along the village )
see how happy we were while walking as in we really wanted to jump
Of course, we spent time with the family even if its just for a short time and we best enjoyed ( as usual ) the food that léo had cooked for us ( will do some post soon ) :) yummy
                                         At the beach taking some photos before leaving
We missed the boat that day, a boat that usually cross to bring people from one village to another. Big thanks to Cynthia who finds out somebody ( with a speedboat ) that permits only Claudebiko to cross and get our car. I cannot imagine how much cost a taxi could charge us just for bringing us back. Kaso, walang taxi! we called for a rescue seriously but no replied huh at hindi rin ako marunong lumangoy waaaa finally, we got home safely naman with no more fear hehehe. Thanks to double "C" Cynthia and Claudebiko :)
afternoon sailing 
The last days of our vacation i had a chance to be in the boat with friends. What a coincidence coz while navigating, we crossed a big boat with Philippine name on it. Funny! i get a chance to take some photos with philippine background. I also waved my hand yelling "mabuhay" malay mo meron akong kababayan na seaman hehehe :)

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