Tuesday, August 2, 2011


There are so many vegetables i haven't used to eat before like okra ( kasi madulas ), ampalaya ( kasi mapait ), kalabasa ( texture when its cook ), talong na i wouldn't eat except kung ito ay pinirito at hipon- no, wala akong allergy tamad lang ako magbalat ang kadahilanan kaya ayaw ko kumain nito dati :) wow! wow! wow! well, nuon yun pero ngayon i realized na masarap kumain ng gulayyyy now i eat everything! today, the dish i would like to share is Pinakbet . I cooked my first pinakbet at naalala ko tuloy ang mga ilocano friends ko sa pinas nuong niluto ko ito. At sa ngalan ng internet, nakahanap at nakaluto ako ng pinakbeetttttt mmm.... so here's how! :)
                                         squash about 200g cut into cubes ( potiron )
                               1 bitter melon cut into bite size ( concombre amer )
                               1 eggplant cut into bite size ( aubergine )
          1 bunch of string beans cut about 3 inches long ( haricots longs )
             250g okra tops and bottom cut off then cut into two ( gombo )
                                         3 tomatoes ( diced)
                                         1 onion ( chopped )
                                         4 cloves garlic ( minced )
                                          1 thumb size ginger ( gingimbre)
                                             cooking oil ( l'huile vegetale )
                                             1 cup water
                                  3 tbsp shrimp paste ( pâte de crevettes )
                                                         250g shrimps ( peeled )
                                                              pat of butter
Heat the cooking pan, cook shrimps first using butter when it's done, set aside. In another cooking pan, heat the oil, saute garlic+onion+ ginger and tomatoes cook about 3minutes. Pour in the water, add the shrimp paste cook for 5 minutes. Then add the squash+string beans+okra+bitter melon and eggplant. Simmer over medium heat for 10 minutes. Add the cooked shrimps and season with pepper ( i do not add salt as the shrimp paste i used is already salty ) then let it cook until the veggies are done :)
                                                               big batch of pinakbet
Serve pinakbet with warm rice. While we were enjoying our pinakbet, Bibingclara had her chicken nuggets with two different sawsawan, ketchup on the left and soy sauce on the right.
Bibingclara's meal
No shrimps and shrimp paste for a while for my unica hija. Maybe sooner she'll eat like us hehehe :)With this kind of yummy pinakbet, we asked for another batch of rice buti nalang madame akong sinaing :)

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