Monday, August 1, 2011

Pinay in the kitchen

I do still cook of course but noticing without any post of food recipe for the past few entries? will do in a following days. I will make sure to post food related entry for the whole month of August. Today, we bought a new dining table from IKEA. I have got busy cleaning up while Claudebiko installing it at the same time. I have to mind that i have more jobs to do also in the kitchen as i need emptying useless stuff from the pantry. Right now, checking out our fridge looking at some left over food that we gonna need to consume before we left for a vacation. Vacation! yeheyy that's sooner :)
                                                 my useful pair of pot holder hep! hep!
Will be posting some filipino cuisine soon so for now let me share you some of the favorite veggies that i bought from the asian store :)
                                                     kangkong, pechay and sayote
talong, ampalaya, kalabasa, okra at sitaw
I guess, some of you already had an idea what will be on the cooking??? :) 

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