Monday, June 27, 2011

Nivea forever

I am a consumer of Nivea eversince and until now i am still a big fan. My first nivea experience was its classic cream. I also like the natural mild scent, not greasy texture of nivea lotion. Lucky me, here i can find them easily because of its wide selection of nivea baby, nivea beauty cosmetics and nivea skin care :)
                                         some nivea products ( travel kit ) bought from Phils
nivea slimming gel cream
and nivea anti-cellulite gel cream
my nivea gel cream for the month of june and july
I had finished one of my gel cream and i noticed that my stretch marks on my belly has lightened. I know, it has really a decent effect as a slimming gel but hey i guess in my case, i have to consume more tubes :)

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