Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Missing our guardian

It has been almost six months since our nice concierge left for her retirement. She's really a nice person and loves every kids in the building. She has really a heart like a grand mother and wishing that she'll have her own grand daughter/son sooner. She has an eldest son with what a coincidence has the same birthdate of Bibingclara. She likes Bibingclara so much and in fact even if she's no more working here she never fails to remember us :)
                                                                           surprise !!!
                                                                    opening the surprise
nice pull from mme rankovic 
She has always something for Bibingclara before she offered biscuits and fruits, gave us carrot cake , and in returning my baking tray ( i made her cheesecake the day of her retirement ) she has another gift for my anak. What a lucky girl! 
a postal card also from her 
One day opening our mailbox, what a surprise to get a postal card from mme rankovic a nice place where she spent vacation with her family. We are not missing her of course just because of all those things that she has been given us. Missing her for too many little thing. Missing her because we have the habitued talking each morning before heading Bibingclara to the nursery. And the times she's working here, she do her job well done! I wish we could also get the same concierge like her but for the moment we have got a temporary guardian ( a man ) in the building and it seems like he's doing well his work as well :)

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