Sunday, January 30, 2011

Something like macaroons

Yes! i succeed not to bake for the whole month of january! wooo for me it was a little accomplishment hehehe  bravo maruh! keep it up! as what i have been said last time, as one of my new year's resolution, i'll try to bake less goodies but ohh i can't help but eating baked goodies from our nice concierge who gave us this yummy, yummy cake last wednesday :)
                       A slice attacking with a cup of coffee after a good lunch with hubby
Yummylicious cake!
Claudebiko found the yummy cake inside our mailbox with a note ( checking mailbox habitually everyday when he comes home from work ). It was in the evening and when i saw it! hmm first guess, Banana cake?, Carrot cake? Youghurt cake? well, maybe Spice cake ahhhhh i have to taste it! then i figure it out that it has a lot of dessicated coconut, tastes like macaroons with nice aroma, enough sweetness, with grated carrots and moist like it has lots of fresh butter. What else? basta! masarap! I must ask her recipe hmm i get curious because the cake still moist after 3 days without being in the fridge. If i will get the recipe sooner i will surely share it here and make one! ( new year's resolution! bipppp ) :)

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