Monday, April 11, 2011

Food fiesta

 Yesterday was also a birthdate of my friend sorina. Due to some reason, the lunch date yesterday was cancelled. Sorina also loves cooking. Claudebiko likes so much her version of beringhe ( glutinous rice with chicken ) and i like the way sorina make her chili con carne ( recipe follow ). Everytime there's an occassion, we can't help but feasting to the food that they've specially made. I have some photos of the food that sitting in my computer that i have been wanting to share for so long. So here they are :)
                                                          hock ham and roasted chicken
                                                                      stuffed tomatoes
                                                                       zucchini gratin
                                                  Clé, Sori, Bibingclara, moi et mareng ethel
If i am not mistaken, there was no occasion that day. We just get invited for lunch. An opportunity also to see some couple of friends. It was in summer i guess???
fruit salad, leche flan, puto at kutchinta wow!
We never let ourselves to finish a good meal without any dessert ( mga sweethtooth po hehehe ) so we had a typical filipino desserts like leche flan, puto at kuchinta and the famous fruit salad ( minus cream ) of Cléo. Next post, chili con carné a recipe from the birthday celebrant Sori :)

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