Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wall deco

I love going to Ikéa when buying furnitures, viewing their showroom each time could give me hints and tips on decorating. It is not a passion, but i like decorating and in fact, i do my decoration at home basing from what i see from some sources like deco magazine or thru web :)
                                                              colorful photo frames
When we do our daughter's room renovation, i decorated the wall with all her photos and the frames bought of course from Ikéa ( see different colors ) I also like tear-off wall paper, i find it fast and easy but we have to do new paintings in all the pieces of our house :)
wall deco from the hallway
For the meantime, in waiting for the new paint ( will be big work, the last paint was 5 years ago ) i decorated our wall with my abubot like hanging my kuwintas , pairs of earrings and Bibingclara's art work ( painting ) from the nursery :)

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