Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Windang na kwintas

Aside from having numerous pairs of earring, i also love collecting necklaces. It gives an instant "chic" look whenever i am wearing one of those. I actually love wearing colorful necklaces but it also depends on what clothes i am wearing. I am not fashionista but wearing necklaces as accessories also makes me more girlish :)
necklaces for sale joke! :)
When we renovated our daughter room, all the stuffs and little things i have there was now evacuated that's why i thought of hanging some of my necklaces ( usually bead type ) on the post board ( previously used for posting postcards ) and put it on the wall. They're nice! when we had some friends who came along last valentine's party three of my friends asking me jokingly is it for sale? i said, pede rin! hehehe :) isinabit ko walang paglagyan eh. Ok naman it also serves na rin as decoration. What i am thinking now is where to put all my bracelets.. yun bang parang decoration na din ang dating :)


Cielo of Brown Pinay said...

this is so neat sis....i hope that i can be as organized as you are...


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Maruhya said...

welcome sis! thanks! :)