Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mr. & Ms.

Monsieur et Madame! ang collection na kinalolokohan! Once we buy one then we get hooked to buy another one. I like the funny short story of mr. and ms. or i might say my daughter and i loved it! Yes, we both love it! infact aside from mister and miss bought from garage sale ay meron pang namana si Bibingclara from kuya léo :)
                                                                         kuya léo's misters
So impressive because those little books has a big contribution to Bibingclara's good memory. At the age of 10 months old ( same time when she begins to walk ) when i will ask her to get a mr. then she will always get the right one. She knows it by heart ( basing on the drawing ). Since then, i continue to purchase one mr or ms for her each week :)
                                                        ms maldita, ms oo, mr tall, mr curious
ms matigas ulo, ms bakit? 
       i can't help but buying sticker with the same collection in the side market 
mr and ms bag
And the biggest award she have got is the bag. I have offered it to her when she decided of stopping drinking my milk last october 11, 2010 ( whew good award huh ). Now, she has a nice bag good enough to accomodate her countless mr and ms little books :)


Cielo of Brown Pinay said...

Hi Sis thanks for visiting my new blog...You are my 3rd blogger commenter for that blog...

my daughter has a cute girly tops with those designs...uso dito sa pinas....


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Maruhya said...

ang cute nga noh? yeah i keep on visiting your blog :). i just found out now that my comment box was set on hide and figured out that your comment here was in the spam.