Sunday, March 20, 2011


One week blog break! lot of things had happened. Claudebiko got hospitalized so i have been busy doing things for my family. Taking charge of household chores, taking care of my little girl and of course cooking :)
I cooked sopas last time and for me this is one of my comfort food. I made my sopas in a simpliest way. I boiled a piece of deboned chicken. Sautéed garlic, onion, carrots and cabbage. After, i simmered it in a casserole with water then i added cooked noodles ( any shape ), quail eggs and seasoned with salt and pepper. I guess i am experiencing home sickness. I badly missed foods that i can usually eat during breakfast. Well, i cooked my sopas at night and that's what we had for our dinner. Bibingclara's eated countless "pugo" and she really, really love it! Next time, i'll try to make creamy sopas :)

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