Sunday, March 27, 2011

Make over

Sometimes, it is not bad to pamper yourself. I guess, i get a bit pampered last week by treating myself to get new stuff. I bought a bag na aking minamaktol last time :)
hand bag na pede ding sling bag ( it has 2 big pockets in front ) bought in Camieu 30% off 
was 22,95 euros now 13,77 euros
I got a pair of semi boots na pang-harabas :)
from Newlook and it's ressemblance of my bag (color ) was 25.99 euros Now 12.00euros
( napag-alaman kong masakit syang ilakad sa paa ang tigas ng ilalim yaan ang ang pang-presyong kuripot )
And i made my hair cut :)
goodbye to super long hair ala ermitanya 
( the last cut was 6 months ago )
fee for haircut - 33 euros 
( parang me color effect palubog na kasi ang araw )
Another kwento is, i also spent hours and hours of searching a nice lipstick/lipgloss that will suit me in a wide selection of marks like loréal, revlon, nivea, maybelline and bourjois. I am not using lipstick everyday, but i dont know why i am wanting one. I was in the mood of being a girly, girly one! I am also nor into make ups but i accepted the offer last year to be one of the young woman model ( trial ) on cosmetic product given by one of the pharmacy in town :)
privilege card as a pass for a make over for free
T. LeClerc is a line of cosmetics where you can only buy in the pharmacy or over the internet ( wala nito sa mga mall or shops ) hindi ko ito kilala so when the lady ask me to be one of the model, i answered yes so we set a rendez-vous (rdv) unhappily, when i went to the said appointment, the make up artist wasn't arrive yet ( she'll be super late ). Hmm.. i wouldn't want to wait for a year just to have a free make-over? ok lang sya? so what i did nilayasan ko sila hmp! I also discourage on this product kasi naman i find it quite expensive eh pang mura lang ang beauty ko bow! :)

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