Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pinay din ako

At last, we have got the filipino passport of my unica hija last monday. I went to the phil.embassy just only to get Bibingclara's passport that we applied last year ( december ). I called first the embassy before heading just to make sure that my daughter's passport will be ready for pick up. What a surprise because i also get her  report of birth at the same time ( i registered it late ) youpiii Bibingclara has doubled nationality and she was very happy when i show it to her with her identity photo on it :)
report of birth/ filipino passport
25 euros fee for my NBI application and my fingers covered of ink after the messy fingermarks
( ang hirap tanggalin kahit hugasan at punasan ng wet tissue, para akong nagmekaniko ng sasakyan that day! )
I went to the philippine embassy in Paris many trips because i also had to complete my papers for my french nationality. All the papers that i applied like NBI clearance, Translations etc. etc not to mention the gastos and effort. Same thing for fixing my official papers in the Philippines ( thanks to the contribution of my sister who helped me out completing all the necessary documents and for her big effort to be an early bird queuing in a long file of line in each department ). Wheww after all those efforts, now medyo nakahinga na ako ng maluwag because my french nationality folder is completed! All i have to do is to wait ( 1 year processing ) and probably, the next trip to the phil embassy will be for an application of Citizenship retention and Re-acquisition  :)

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