Saturday, January 29, 2011


My daughter loves rice, even for her dessert. One afternoon as i promised to make her a rice dessert after her siesta, i decided to combine two of her favorites Rice and Chocolate that turned into Champorado /Chocolate rice porridge :)
Here's how :     Ingredients
1 cup rice
2 cups water
1/2 cup cocoa powder ( diluted )
1/4 sugar 
evaporated milk
In a casserole, combine rice and water. Cook in a medium heat. When done, add cocoa powder diluted in a water stirring continuously then add the sugar ( you may add more water if necessary or add more sugar according to taste ).When the rice is cook then its ready. Serve in a bowl then swirl with evaporated milk / lait   concentré non-sucré while its still warm. Best eaten with dried fish if its will be me who'll gonna eat it yum! but forget it coz Claudebiko and Bibingclara can't tolerate it! boohoo
                  She was thrilled at the beginning when she saw her bowl of champorado
                                                              voilà mon riz au chocolat!
Bibingclara just eaten two spoonfuls of champorado and in the end, it was me who eat the rest! she doesn't like my homemade champorado and prefer the rice pudding bought in the supermarket. Maybe she doesn't like it because mine wasn't sweet enough on her taste. Well, well next time will try using sticky rice, use concentrated milk and will add a half cup of coconut milk and hoping that Bibingclara will like it for a next time :)

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