Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New craze

Bibingclara got a new craze! My daughter loves rice desserts and she love eating them everyday for her miryenda. She gets sick of eating Riz au lait for a while that's why i tried another flavor, a chocolate flavor :)
                                               riz au chocolat / chocolate flavored rice pudding
                                                                    la gourmande :)
ang matakaw ahhmm 
I never had a mistake of giving her a chance for a new taste. Miryenda nya nuon at ngayon! She likes it very much at nagustuhan nya talaga to the max. It reminds me of champorado during my childhood. Papa's champorado, hmmmm... ( before when i was little, when he make champorado, he would ask me to buy some sachet of cocoa in a sari-sari store ) Good idea! Maybe i would have a try making champorado these days for Bibingclara's miryenda instead of buying those little pots from the grocery :)

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