Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rice pudding

It has been a long time that Bibingclara had requested me to make our own rice pudding. She likes to eat rice pudding lalo na yung riz au lait ng ile de ré. Sometimes i obliged myself to buy small pots of rice pudding from different supermarkets para lang ma try kung ano ang pagkakaiba nila kasi the best talaga yung sa ile de ré lalo na yung caramel sa ilalim but well, everytime naman ay nauubos nya ang isang small pot kada miryenda ( yung nabibili sa grocery ). One afternoon habang natutulog si Bibingclara ay i tried to make rice pudding for her ( para pagkagising nya me instant miryenda sya ) :)
i used italian rice, ( it was long grain ) that i bought a month ago gagamitin ko sana to make italian risotto but i used it. Usually kasi when making rice pudding it is best to use round/short grain.
                                          Pano gawin? simple lang! 
                                                   Ingredients :
100 g rice
1/2 liter milk
2 tsp vanilla
75 g white sugar
150 g cream
caramel syrup 
Wash the rice and cook for 5 minutes in a salted water then drain. Set aside.
In the casserole, boil the milk+vanilla then add the cooked rice. Cook in a slow heat and do not stop mixing (  also to avoid sticking ) until the rice is completely absorbed the milk. When cook, remove from the fire. Now add the sugar delicately while still mixing and let it cool for a while. Whip the cream and mix in the rice. Transfer the rice mixture into 4 ramequins ( line with caramel syrup ). Place them in the fridge for 3 hours. Serve fresh.
Voilà !!! I find it super sarap! ( di na ako makapag antay na palamigin kaya nilantakan ko na yung natira sa kaserola hihihi ) but Bibingclara doesn't like it! di nya type. Mas type nyang kainin yung nabibili sa supermarket. Well, i will only make riz au lait just for me and next time will try to cook it in the oven. For Bibingclara will purchase again some pots of riz au lait in the supermarket as she preferred :)

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