Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anak ng kulugo

Do you have problem about warts? well, me i've got small wart on the right middle finger. I actually made the treatment twice. When i asked the pharmacist when i bought this product she told me that it is a very good one for warts. Last week, i made the second treatment and it looks like the dried skin from the roots of warts is nearly falling. All i have to do is wait until it's completely dried and fall itself i wouldn't like to use cutter to cut it forcely because i am afraid to gets infect the other part of my skin and will produce another one :(
cryopharma treatment for warts bought 12.50 euros
So how is't works? simple, just follow the instruction on the package. The product makes the warts freezing ( till its roots ) for a few seconds and it say's that it's effective on the first application but hmm this is my second i have doubt to do it thrice or better yet to see a dermatologist. When i was in Philippines i also has this kind of kulugo problem but there's an effective product i bought from mercury drug, like a type of liquid paper that burns warts easily. I must wait or if it is not completely treated ( annoying like when having hair treatment ) baka i should try to burn it with garlic nalang or with dagta ng kasuy mas mura kesa sa derma hehehe :)

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