Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What's in the box?

The package for my family in Philippines has arrived the other day. I am so thankful to the balikbayan cargo who takes charges of it. Proven that their service is doing well. Our box arrived in good state and on time. Will definitely send another box from them. I sent boxes twice a year for my family ( usually pag school year o magpapasko ) and i know the person who always thrilled everytime i included signature marks in it, my sister hehehe :)
chanel- chanelan
The usual requests are perfumes, beauty products and cosmetics but hey, baka ako mamulubi. I am a person who's not into signature but for the pleasure of other's like my sistah na mahilig at talagang nanginginig pa kapag nakakita ng mga luxury marks na ganyan ay naku bumibilis ang kanyang pag type sa internet hehehe peace sis! and what i usually send naman para sa mga bata ay naku ang walang kamatayang chocolates, candies at laruan at kung anu-ano pang mga regalo. Well, happy sila! happy din ako hehehe ano pa nga ba ang laman ng box? kung anu-anong mga abubot na pedeng pakinabangan tulad ng mga gamot, clothes, home decoration at kitchen tools hmmm... antayin ang susunod kung pag impake. Sale bukas! i am going to do gift hunting while the heat is on :)

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