Saturday, December 4, 2010

Suki sweat

It is snowing today! A chilly morning and can't go out without winter gloves. Yesterday, i went to the asian store to buy ingredients for the soup i'll be making ( hmmm...pang nilaga, tinola at sinigang yum! yum! yum! ) i had a severe headache when i get home ( so cold brrr ). I took a pill and had a couple hours of rest with a thick blanket on me ( gosh, nilalamig pa din ako and am feeling getting sick ). I texted hubby and he told me that maybe i am not wearing enough clothes ( oo nga tama ang nipis kasi ng t-shirt ko ) suddenly, i thought of wearing another clothes hmm teka i remember our sweat from Decathlon. It's season to wear back our sweat-pull polaire to keep us warm even at home :)
got a violet and cream this year and pink from last year
violet ( new ) and pink ( old ) for Bibingclara
black and blue colors for Claudebiko
Claudebiko has actually 3 sweats ( the other one is gray color ) and he use it everyday when he goes to work.  Now, i have to use mine and wear them even at home :)

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