Friday, December 3, 2010


There was a malaysian flight company named air asia promoting a low cost flight from Paris to Kuala Lumpur. Claudebiko was so very happy to pass me the news that he saw from the newspaper advertisement that morning ( after almost a month of waiting until it has finally arrived ) he told me that the booking can start at midnight of 22 nov. til 24th nov. only to get the promo price. The interest on that is to buy a plance ticket going to kuala lumpur ( probably will stay one day in kuala lumpur hotel and get another flight ) and kuala lumpur going to clarkfield pampanga (phils ). Claudebiko intended to buy a plane ticket for me so i could make a surprise home coming alone :)
                                                         low cost flight on all asian country
At exactly midnight, we were online to book my flight. Hubby called their call center ( few hours ahead ) asking all about the necessary information. I was so excited! He did the booking and payed my flight using his blue card gosh, an error appeared! trying to pay using mine but still error. Not a good sign! by the time we were about to call the call center to ask what's going on, no more contact numbers appeared on their website. We can't do anything but wait. Strange! sleepless night thinking about if they registered our payment. The next day, Claudebiko get online ( before going to work ) to see if there are some changes in their site obviosly they have a technical problem. I suggested to look and see what information we could get on air asia facebook account. We figured out that they have problem for their clients paying euros and on the chat, plenty of people complaining with the same situation like us ( error when paying ). We haven't got any booking number, no confirmation, got no itinerary. People gets mad! not just us and yet they couldn't do something about it ( france call center was uninformed about this technical error) It can be a scam! it was only a bullshit! fucking promotion! ( see how i get disappointed ). We called the Uk call center ( as some people suggested from a facebook fan ) in the afternoon to confirm if they get our payment and if i can have the flight confirmation. She asked my name and asked the credit card number. Sad to hear that they cannot trace any of our payment even the booking that we have been made :( so disappointed! the only thing that the lady has told me is to rebook again ( for the fact that i couldn't get anymore the 99 euros price ) and it could be the uncompatibility of server ( using chrome ) that's why they cannot trace even the booking that we made. Hmm... well, the travel is not for me! good thing because no deduction has been made in our bank account. I red in facebook comment box that some people get and succeed to validate and confirmed their flight. Some cases had  double booking and even registered multiple payments ohhh la laaa what a big mess air asia! Boooo

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