Monday, December 20, 2010

From Vietnam with love

The first christmas card we've got from an aunt who immigrate in Vietnam. We would love to make a family visit one day and as well to visit my friend Giang who live in the same city ( ho chi minh ville ). When we'll get there so would love to try and eat a real pho soup :)
                                                       from a sweet aunt that i truly miss :(
Would love to thanks also to the generous lady who gave us a little pasalubong also from the same country  when she had her holiday couple of weeks ago.
                                               a hand puppet bear made of cloth for Bibingclara
a sachet of curry spice that bought from the merchant in mekong
( to spice up our life in the kitchen hehehe )  
I also got a round soap ( made from real coconut oil ). We were so touch not just because of all those things that had been given but having thoughts on us makes a big difference! Thanks to all of you guys, so sweet of you! Merci! merci! merci! :)

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